A Different StStStutering problem

I have had a quick look through other posts and wonder if any one else has come accross this. I have an A95X as a TVHeadend client to a X92 headless server running two X-Box Tuners. Since 8.95.7 or maybe 8.95.6 on SD tv channels running MP2 audio the audio stuters after around 30 mins of watching. We don’t watch much Live TV but it always seems to happen during the evening news on BBC1 NW. The picture is fine the sound just breaks up if you stop and restart there is no problem for 30 Mins or so. I have not had the problem with recording although we tend to record all HD material. If I am the only one seeing this I will tell the MRS to use the TV for watching SD channels, its the same remote so no real hardship.

This seems to be cured in 9.0 onward