A question about HDD Standby/Sleep

Hey all!

I’m running a custom-made kind of NAS based on S912 Android box + HDD 3.5 usb enclosure. It’s running 24/7 and I noticed that according to SMART-info “Power on hours” shows that HDD has been running 24/7 without any standby or any other sort of “sleep”-state.

I want to make HDD to go to sleep-mode, because sometimes I don’t use HDD for days.
I tried to turn “Parking” and “Standby” buttons at Coreelec Settings to on and also tried to set “hdparm -Y /dev/sda1”, but Power On Hours still rising.

Is that possible to make HDD go to any sort of “sleep” when I’m not using it at least for several hours?

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