A Sincere Thank You

At the start of March 2024, a device that could perfectly handle FEL dolby vision seemed an almost impossible dream. In less than two months, perfect support for FEL Dolby Vision exists due to all the hard work of the CoreELEC team. I would like to say a sincere and heartful thank you to all the amazing members who made this possible including @YadaYada for finding the x64 dovi.ko module, @CPM for all his amazing coding including finding the fix to enable TV led Dovi and reworking FEL/MEL support, @Portisch for his tireless efforts at implementing new features and wrangling the AMlogic code, @DMDreview for their extensive testing, @R3S3T_9999 for their testing and test files, and to @PurplePlayer and @liquidion for their tenacity in chasing bugs and testing. Iā€™m sure there are far too many that I have forgotten to mention, but to everyone I say thank you.


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