A start job is running for setup user config dir

Hi, my installation works 100%, but everytime system reboots takes 10 minutes showing:
A start job is running for setup user config dir
This is appearing top left corner with a counter, at the end system always boot but taking 10 minutes
Coreelec version is 9.2.2 , any idea?

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You didn’t say which device you have?

Mecool KM9 , S905WX2
Docker installed with Plex, Tautulli and Portainer containers
First days till I created Plex library startup was right.
I have another microsd with clean installation and that one starts perfectly , with Coreelec version 9 I did not have this issue

What a S905W X2 ???

Better work out what Soc you have

S905 W or S905X2

Which CoreELEC 9. What ???

S905X2 is my actual device , previous versions I had a different device

It is a S905X2 4Gb Ram 32gb eMMC 100Mb lan , I am using g12a_s905x2_4g.dtb as dtb.img , but as I mentioned a clean image boots perfectly

Okay so it’s a problem with one of the add-ons you have installed then, you need to provide full logs.

I think I know where is the issue , I have installed 2 dockers (Plex and tautulli) that are mounting some volumes in storage partition, if you have a big plex library thousands of metadata files are created in storage partition, in my opinion during startup coreelec is checking those files.
This docker command is creating the issue I think:
-v /storage/.config/docker/plex/config:/config
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