Just checking, as I’m thick, that if I buy this box from Spain, EU power adaptor, that it will be compatible with a standard UK 5W 2amp adaptor? So cheap that I might grab one from a certain site!

Also how have people gotten on with this box? Are most of the issues that normal arise sorted?

If you are referring to the place that sells things for a little over 99p then yes,

I have 2 of them.

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LOL I was referring to the wholesale site/s that sells these boxes. You love those £1 adaptors don’t you :grin:. The 2GB RAM 16GB version of the box mentioned is available at a banging good price although I’m always wondering if you get the remote? I wonder if it’s worth going down the S905x3 path if I only require 1080p playback? Thermal hassles and all that, not to mention all the other issues for new hardware.

Anyway just toying with the idea of a S905x3 because if the T95 S1 arriving today works out I might just buy a second one of them as they’re currently so cheap at the jungle place!! LOL