A95x plus android box

Hi apologies if have posted in the wrong section, I have used an a95x plus in the past and installed CoreElec using the funhouse builds with this g12a_s905x2_4g_1gb.dtb file with good results. Have since purchased the same model for a friend but am not able to load a CE image, upon looking further this so called same device has g12a_u221_2g dtb. I guess this is what happens when getting a device from china, have scoured the dtb img files and unable to locate 1 for this device, any help appreciated.

Try the following one:

Will try it when am done at work thanks but am sure I tried all the g12axxxx earlier in different usb ports also.

Got it to install with a different 16gb usb stick using g12a_905y2_4g.dtb. Wifi working but no bluetooth, unable to try ethernet.

not sure if the bt driver is compatible.

According to the original dtb this box seem to have only 2GB RAM, so it would be better to choose a CE dtb, which also support 2GB instead of 4GB.

It definately is the 4gb model, thanks for your help and the bluetooth will not be needed anyway.

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