A95X -R1 / S905W issue

I used this :

tried X92 keyboard (since my remote seems to be detected as a keyboard …)

I also injected the empty “98-eventlircd.rules” to “/storage/.config/udev.rules.d/”

@Koxx reading your posts is extremely frustrating.

Firstly had you taken the time to read How to configure IR remote control then you would see that remote configuration for the A95X box is built into our builds and no extra configuration is needed.

You would have also seen that remote.conf is no longer used since LE 8.2.

Secondly had you copied the correct DTB as per the first paragraph in ❓ Which DTB do I use? then you would not have had the following error, nor would you be having the problems you are having now.

The A95X-R1 is an S905W device so you should be using gxl_p281_1g.dtb

Please take just a few minutes to read before posting next time, no further assistance will be provided :stuck_out_tongue:

If you flashed TANIX TX3 MAX please be precise. That firmware is a HACKED dual boot with a HACKED LE .
Flash the proper Tanix TX3 Mini. No the remote won’t work. You can work on that after. That dual boot Tanix Firmware is crap.