AAC Audio with HEVC video sometimes causes distortion or static in sound

So, I’ve been a long time LibreElec user and just recently have tried moving to CoreElec for my system to try and get upgraded to Kodi 18. One of the reasons i wanted to upgrade is to resolve a couple issues that have been bugging me for years. The most annoying issue has been an audio issue when playing some HEVC videos, but not all the time for the same files. It sometimes starts playing with lots of static and distortion in the surround speakers, or with little static crackles during playback, then if you stop the video and replay the same file, it will rotate between different levels of this distortion/static/crackles and then will also play just fine finally. Since eventually it does play fine, i’ve been living with this for a while. However, i was hoping this was fixed in Kodi 18 and CoreElec, but it is still happening with the same files.

I have also confirmed that I have many other video files with AAC audio which are not HEVC video and i have never heard any issue with those files and only noticed it with HEVC.

Anyone else see this issue? Anyone know if it is fixable with settings or some configuration file?

I’ll include as much information as i think would be helpful below, but please let me know if you need any more information from me. Thanks for any help.

Amlogic System: Nexbox A95X-B7N (S905x) (1g ram)
CoreElec Image: CoreELEC-Amlogic.arm-9.2.5-Generic.img.gz
dtb file: gxl_p212_1g

Connected via HDMI to a 7.1 channel receiver (Sony STR-DN2010)

Minimal codec info for one problem file, since i can only attach 1.

Please let me know if there is anything else i can do or provide to help with this. Thanks.

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