Access network share on Apple Time Capsule

I recently acquired an Odroid N2 with CoreElec installed. I’ve been using Kodi since a couple of years (from when it was still XBMC) on an older macbook. Since upgrading our TV to a 4K capable set, I was looking out for a dedicated Kodi box and bought an Odroid N2.
All my content is stored on a network share on an Apple Time Capsule. In Kodi, I can just access these drives through smb, but on the CoreElec, I keep getting Error 2 - cannot connect to share.

Any ideas on how to connect to my network share on the Time Capsule?

Have you tried to use add network location whatever the ip address of the Time Capsule is.
Username and Password maybe needed.

Yes, I finally managed to get it working using a local mount based on these posts: