Access SMB shares outside the home network

Hi there,
Can anyone help me with this issue? I want to access my SMB shares(especially Recordings folder) on my box with CoreELEC 9.2.8 from another one with CoreELEC. When I try on the home network there is no problem. When I try to access it from the outside, things don’t work out. My question is, does the embedded smb server use port 445, because that’s the port I’m forwarding to?Also do I need to turn on SMB authentication with user name and password?
Thanks in advance and good day to all of you.

This have nothing to do with samba. It is required to setup like a VPN to your home network so you can connect other hardware to your home network and access the shares.

Like me i am using wireguard server on my openwrt router. Then I can connect from phone or laptop to the home network and access the LAN.

It also require to have a public IP from your internet provider - what normally is not the case.

I also have Wireguard VPN Server on my router and access my home network from my smartphone, laptop and etc. But…in my case I just want to share my Recordings folder to my brother’s CoreELEC device which is not in my home network. I tried to do the trick via SFTP on port 22 and I can access the folder by WinSCP on other PC which is not part of my network. I am curious…why port forwarding works on port 22 with SFTP and does not on 445 with SMB? May be I need to specify the SMB port number in my samba.conf file GLOBAL section?

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