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Hi, this is my first “need help”.
I would like to buy active speakers so that I can have good stereo sound rather than investing a lot of money in A / V receiver. But the problem is that the N2 doesn’t have an optical output, that’s why if someone can help me and let me know their experience with Hdmi Audio 4k Extractor devices like maybe this one ( HDMI Audio Extractor - 4K 60Hz - HDMI Audio De-embedder - HDR - Toslink Optical Audio - Dual RCA Audio - HDMI Audio (HD202A)) or whatever really works. My Tv is a Lg nanoserie 9800 and does not allow the sound to be output from the N2 via Toslink
thank you in advance

I didn’t quite understood the last part but you have a way to have optical out from N2

This is for C2 but you can check the way it’s done in N2.

The N2 has a built-in DAC.

Thank you, i have seen that in Odroid forum but difficult for me to find the necessary parts to obtain this result.

Where can i order that? Ty

The onboard DAC of the N2 is excellent, on a par with the Khadas Toneboard. As such this will match most low to middle range HIFI DAC’s and all you need is a minijack to phone cable of reasonable quality.
Most TV’s have a digital TOSLINK output which is just slaved off the HDMI input - so this is worth investigating as well (though I see it says your TV is missing this). TOSLINK however is of lower quality than a phono digital output and well below the potental offered by most digital sources now days. However its relatively easy to just add a TOSLINK socket off the GPIO pins - though a digital phono output is a bit more tricky.

Personally I would simply use the N2’s excellent onboard DAC.


You can took optical transmitter from some dead PC motherboard or sound card. If you can find one from your friends :slight_smile:

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Thank you , i think i’ll do so (or maybe be crazy and buy av receiver and passive speakers…:: after reflection i’m not so that crazy) :money_mouth_face:

You don’t actually gain anything positive from using an optical transfer over HDMI because it can only handle Stereo, Dolby Digital (5.1) and DTS (5.1) plus there is a delay of about 2 seconds with a spdif connection, plus you get higher resolution sound on a HDMI connection.

I run a similar LG TV myself and the way I do it is to connect the N2+ via HDMI enable passthrough in the audio on Kodi (after setting the passthrough options to the capabilities of the sound bar) and then connect my Yamaha gear to the TV via optical cable. (Set digital audio control in the TV to auto)

Thanks for your advice, can you tell me what type of Yamaha (is it a sound bar or a receiver?). I also thought maybe to use this type of speakers (Edifier S2000MKIII) connected to the Tv headphones output with a Y 3.5mm to 2x rca cable.
What do you think of this, can it work in your opinion?
Thank you

Both, I have a Yamaha YAS-93 sound bar connected through optical spdif from the TV but your missing a trick with those Edifier speakers as they are Bluetooth enabled so ditch the RCA cable (total ancient crap) buy a Bluetooth dongle for your N2 and send it that way if that’s what you want.

But for me I do like the audio out of the Yamaha, its not the latest generation but for those of us with hearing issues the “clear voice” feature is a godsend and when it needs replacing I would probably look around for a Yamaha Digital Sound Projector for movies and TV they are compact and do the job.

I send audio via Bluetooth on my separates system I have one of these plugged into the aux port because my Sony amp doesn’t have Bluetooth connected to B&W Speakers that I use for music playback and radio.

Even if your not in the UK I strongly suggest you have a read on Richer Sounds website to read the reviews and the jargon busters and look seriously at digital sound projectors because from your posts its going to hit most of the things you want at a price that’s going to be less than buying an AV Receivers and a decent pair of speakers

Thx for your complete response, will check that.

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