Ad Guard Ad Blocker


Someone was installing adguard from the repository
does it work like Pi-Hole?

I checked something in Adguard but it doesn’t work correctly
I have a web interface but if I give dns in the router, there is no effect

someone something:

The adguard I know is to install on the router using DNS Filtering or using DNS Privacy Protocol. The latter is the one I use and applies to all devices in the home network. It works very well and it is very easy to configure. Read this:

PiHole’s technique is different, I think it’s about establishing a DNS server and using it in the configuration of the router and other devices. If the PiHole server is on the internet then it can be used by any device outside the home network.

I know and used dns from adguard, but I want to live my own DNS and filter what I want
after installing it on coreelec it doesn’t work or I configure it incorrectly
hence the question how can I configure it

pihole on libreelec works correctly I tested on pc

are there any special commands for docker or special settins?

my coreelec is never turned off for that I wanted to use it to filter the entire house through adguard

You can run Pi-Hole on CoreELEC in Docker, it requires the newer -ng kernel.
So if you have a S905X2/3 or S922X box, you can use it.
If you have a S905X/W, then you can try the -ng funhouse build.

I checked the pi-hole about a month ago and it works fine.
but I wanted to see how adguard is doing a little bit more