Add an option to enable numlock at boot

Currently, I have to press the numlock key after booting to enable it (very useful to seek to a certain duration with the number keys).

I looked at the code and it looks like this is where pressing numlock changes the behaviour:

And that part handles the numlock LED:

Would it be possible to add an option that sets modifiers to CKey::MODIFIER_NUMLOCK by default (and maybe turns on the LED too)? Is this the right place to ask or should I request that directly on Kodi’s tracker?

If this is too complicated, is there a workaround that I could use to enable numlock at boot (something like xdotool for Xorg)? I have to admit I don’t really understand how Kodi works without Xorg, I have never used a non-Xorg graphical interface.

Since I haven’t yet received a reply, I’m wondering: is this not the right place to request this? Should I contact Kodi developers directly?

May be You are the one and lonely who wants this feature.
If I ever want to enable numlock, I will press the key.

I see what you mean but there are methods on all standard distros to do that, either via numlockx (for Xorg) or some setled-based script for TTY consoles.

I miss having something like that CoreElec. There might not be many users who use a full keyboard with CE but I doubt many use the numpad without numlock enabled.

I never seen anyone before using a keyboard with CE. I don’t think there is anything against changing the default behavior.