Add libasound2-plugin-equal

I would love to have libasound2-plugin-equal to support software based euqlizer. I had installed it in volumio and it work very well. Would be nice addition for people who have kodi as music player


Would be great!

I also miss the equalizer in the kodi very much and I would like to add it to the CoreELEC 19 Matrix. Well thank you.

I see no link for any addons what should be added.
Also not if they are compatible with Kodi Matrix.

Linux equalizer market is strange.
I fiddled around different solutions:

1.As libreelec / coreelec uses ALSA as default i started with the alsaequal plugin.

Got it compiled with a custom coreelec build.
Seams to be working, aplay -D equal test.wav works.
BUT Kodi seams to manage it’s alsa devices on its own and ignores .config/asound.conf.
I found no way to get Kodi to use the equal output device or set the default to equal.
Unresolved Topic?


Kodi seams to auto detect pulseaudio output devices.
module-equalizer is disabled in the pulseaudio coreelec build. Got it compiled with a custom coreelec build.
The strange part is how to setup the equalizer levels.
I could only find the tool qpaeq. Which is a python script with a qt5 UI => not working on coreelec.
Communication is done via dbus. With help of this script it is also controllable via cmdline.

And there are 10+ other possibilities, but for now i am testing this solution.

The module-equalizer-sink included with pulseaudio states for years:

module-equalizer-sink is currently unsupported, and can sometimes cause PulseAudio crashes

pulseaudio-equalizer-ladspa seams to be often used too

I have no clue which will fit the best.

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They were right, pulseaudio-module-equalizer is buggy: causes random stutters/cracking,…

Found a workaround to get 1. alsaequal working with kodi. Testing this solution now, seems to work without stutters.
The workaround is to add a alsa sink to pulseaudio, so pulseaudio will be piped to alsa.
Then Kodi can be set to use pulseaudio as output.

Hello, I accidentally managed to find this discussion… … Wouldn’t that help in our case? It works as functional for KODI.

I would love if something like this worked. I have installed mpd and ympd along with coreelec. Which is working great. Only problem is sound needs some tuning. which is only possible with a equalizer doesn matter if its configured from command line.

would it be possible to add CamillaDSP, as system wide equalizer?

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