Add more radio stations?

Hi all, ive noticed missing radio stations on my list, talk radio being one of them.

Is there a way to get these missing stations to show?

Im in the uk

If they are listed in the Services then map them and they should appear.

Talkradio moved to DAB+ at the end of June if this is any help.

I knew that TVH was supposed to support DAB but not sure about DAB+.

I find the radio addon to be excellent with hundreds of stations from all corners of the globe. You can add stations to your favourites for one click selection.

All the UK stations should be present.


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Ah yes lets give that a go, as i only seem to have about 15 coming up under TVH

For me THE BEST radio addon. Used it since it became available; works perfect for station all over the world.

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Meh yeah just tried it, search is useless, typed in talk radio and receive everything but, lol, found it on the faves of UK page.

Dont like it though, takes ages to connect, clunky interface, and i get a loud pop when certain streams start.

Would much prefer the standard setup in TVH, just not sure why it only finds about 15?

Many of the commercial stations simply wont pay to get onto Astra, and the local transmitters will only have the local stations and a few national commercial stations.
I only get a handful of stations on Astra - mostly BBC and a few commercial music stations such as Heart.


Ah that would explain it then

Once you find the stations you want on radio plugin you can simply create launch buttons on favourites and never have to launch the add-on directly. Its slow to launch a station because it is buffering, but that’s not a major issue.


yeah i discovered that, ill leave in on for now, might come in handy.

It finds one of several stations provided by the national carrier.
It finds very few of the stations from around the country.

After that I could not be bothered … if it does not do local properly its not for me.

Any other suggestions?

This link describes the process of creating link files which will connect to radio stations, all you need to do is identify the correct web address for your chosen station.

I use a similar principle top setup an alarmclock in the bedroom using the alarm addon, can be set to any available internet stream.


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