Add-on SkyLink Live CoreELEC

I wish you all a good day.

I am asking you for a consultation regarding the use of the SkyLink Live add-on for the X96 max plus2 4/64 GB Android box with CoreELEC 9.2.8 on the Kingston SDCG3 / 128GB SP SD card.

I installed the add-on correctly from the XBMC repository https: // and set all the necessary values.
I installed the PVR IPTV Simple Client add-on from the CoreELEC repository. I defined the paths for Playlist and Epg in both add-ons for the TV Show file.

TV list and epg created.
When you run the SkyLink Live Add-in, widewine is installed.
LAN connection VDSL technology guaranteed speed 30 Mbit / s.

When playing TV programs, whether live or archive, the symbol stops and loads in the middle of the screen after about 10 seconds.

This condition also occurs in CZ Version 9.2.8 and in version 19.3- Matrix
I restored Widevine and restarted using InputStream Helper.

On the Android system in the KODI app, the operation of the SkyLink Live add-on is trouble-free and fully functional.
I have not yet found a solution to eliminate the described condition.
I would very much like to use the CoreELEC system on a given device with the SkyLinkLive add-on.

Thank you sincerely for any consultation in my personal request and possible proposals for solving the problematic operational status of the add-on.

I apologize for my English - google translator.

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