Add-ons / Available updates - list does not become empty

Hi all CoreELEC friends!

These updates are installed without errors, but they stay inside with such a strange circular arrow and the list does not become empty. Is that a bug?

My system is NanoPi M4, CoreELEC 9.2.2.

Thanks for your attention!

It means the updated addon is not compatible with that version of CE

NanoPi M4 uses a Rockchip processor, there are no CoreELEC releases for Rockchip.

It’s a miracle
How did You compile CE ?

My SBC is a S912 eight core.

… If you should just let go of stupid statements and laughable comments, then you have lost nothing here …
I was able to fix the error (which I caused myself). I had installed Amazon VOD from wrong repository “Matrix”, that’s why in Available updates - list are not gone. However, such a mistake should not happen in my opinion. It should not be possible to install incorrect versions of addons.