Adding movie database info to USB flash drive?


I am running the latest version of CoreELEC on a Venz V10 in my car. I am running it for movies only, for the kids. The movies are stored on a USB flash drive.

When I add movies I remove the USB from the Venz/Car and add movies from my computer, at home.

Is there anyway I can add the movies to the library and get the iMDB data directly onto the USB flash memory from my computer, so it is all there when I put back in the car? So not having to do those operations on the Venz unit in the car. For several reasons it is a real hazzle doing it in the car.

goto setting > Media > Library Click Export Library
Select Seperate Files
Export Thumbnails >YES
Actors Thumbs > Yes
Overwite old Yes

That will add a nfo file and the artwork for each film
So you end up with
for each film it only adds about 2M Per film

In the car, you can then use the “Local information only” scraper so it never goes to the interwebs for info.

Great thanks, and then I can import in the same way in the car I assume. Perfect!

But, once I have done this for the movies I currently have, and then I add one movie, how do I create the local files for just that movie?

Rerun the same process but at the last step “Overwrite Old” select NO this will just add tags for new content and should only take less that a minute.

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