Addon Search 8.90.3


Have noticed that since the 8.90.3 update the search function has not been working on addons.

I’ve tried 3 different boxes and each have the same behaviour, when downgrading to 8.90.2 its all working again. I believe this is due to the kodi version being used in the update.

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Working fine here on S905 / S905X devices

Same problem here. Might be the addons fault though. Problem occurs on several tv show streaming apps that are based on the same app.

I’ve been testing out a few different apps that are not based on the same.

Trying to see if I can roll back the kodi version to see if that helps.

Can confirm this.


I think it is kodi bug. I tested latest kodi 18 nightlies on my android tv device and there also search does not work with some streaming addons. Kodi 18 nightly from beginning of may works ok

No it’s not. Well - sometimes :thinking:

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