Addon wont start

I have an Problem with an IPTV addon from my Provider.
It wont open, i attach a kodi log.

Maybe someone can look into it.

Greetings zet0

You seem to be using pvr.iptvarchive from @TheCoolest, so I assume, he knows better, what is happening here.
But on the first look it seems, you are using a wrong URL format:

Error Contents: HTTP Error 404: Not Found

Thanks for your answer.
The problem is not the iptv client, it works fine.
MIKKMDemo is the name of the addon that doesnt work.
On librelec KODi 17 for s905 the Addon is working fine.

Aaah, I see, excuse me for the confusion.
This addon throws a lot of Python errors, so it seems, it isn’t ready for Kodi 18, now.
You should contact the provider or addon author to update it to be compatible with Leia, because it isn’t a CoreELEC problem.

A simple reinstall of the addon was the solution.
Thanks for your advices.