Adjust display rate Marantz Nr1506

Hi All, is anyone running an N2+ through a Marantz Nr1506?

i am having issue with auto adjust display rate, my set up is N2+ with latest stable CE - Manarntz Nr1506 - Samsung Js9000 TV.

if i set auto adjust display rate on stop/start, and i play a video that is different resolution to what i have kodi set at, and the refresh / resolution adjusts, i get no signal reported on the TV and i can just hear the audio through the amp. as soon is i stop play back, i get my display back. all works as expected and adjusts as needed if i connect N2 direct to TV (same result using either HDMi that connects amp to TV and N2 to amp so don’t think it is a cable problem.

i can change display res in video settings in kodi no prob, and i get the new res on my TV pretty fast, but if res changes on playback start…no dice!!

my content is HD/full HD/4k and 3d (mixture of HD and Full HD). i got round by setting adjust display rate off to in player and res to 4k so Kodi upscales everything to 4k, and this works well for all except my 3D content, which gives no signal on TV - i am guessing either the amp does not like 3d in 4k, or that kodi does not upscale 3d content.

currently i am working around it with kodi set to 4k and not adjust refresh rate on playback, and my 3d setting set to ‘ignore’ so kodi does not do the 3d processing and sends as is (upscaled to 4k). this works but 3d is a pain, i have to manually turn on 3d on my TV when playing 3d content, and this works but kodi menus are all messed up as it is not adjusting for 3d.

am i missing something - is there something i can do to get auto adjust display rate working. anyone else have same amp? is it a limitation i will have to just live with?


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