Adjust display refresh rate? Option always missing!

Adjust display refresh rate > Always is missing on CoreELEC 9.2.2 on Odroid-N2.
GUI will be really slow on Start/Stop if a 24fps Movie is Playing in the Background.

Bug or Feature that this Setting is not include anymore in CoreELEC ?

This has been removed for a very long time. Why do you need “always”?

The GUI is really slow if a Movie with 24fps playing in Background while Browsing to the GUI to choose another Movie.

It beats me why should I have a movie playing in the background while searching for another one…

This option was removed because it didn’t work well in combination with the Amlogic decoders.

Is there any chance to add this manually option? Some movies on Netflix start at 50hz and after a minute jump to 25hz - and the “stutter” begins

25FPS and 50Hz are fully compatible, since 50 is an even multiple of 25.