Advanced Wake On Lan Addon - does not work

hello together

i have an odroid n2+ and an odroid h2+ at home. now i would like to turn off my h2+ when not in use and turn it on again via the n2+ but unfortunately it doesn’t work.
on the h2+ the movies/series are in a mysql database.

I wake up the h2+ via the it works perfectly.

if the h2+ is switched on, I see the message in kodi: wake up and is ready. ip and mac address should be correct.

do you know what the problem could be?

thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Odroid H2+ is not a Amlogic device? So no idea about the bootloader.

have found the problem.

kodi must be able to access the database, if I turn it off it works perfectly.

I will ask in the kodinerds forum.

thanks for your work and have a nice weekend =)

Edit: Enable wake-on-lan under Settings → System → Power saving → Try to wake remote servers on access

with this function switched on, it also works with the database :slight_smile:

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