Advancedsettings.xml block refresh

Hello and welcome.
I have strange problem with advancedsettings.xml.

My setup:

  • Box X96MaxPlus with CE 9.2.5 stable
  • Box MiniM8SII with CE 9.2.5 stable
  • pc with kodi 18.9
  • synology nas: kodi headless in docker
  • synology nas: mariaDB

advancedsettings.xml looks like this:


All file is ANIS and line endings UNIX (LF).

advancedsettings.xml was started on X96MaxPlus and copy to others devices. Everything is working ok except MiniM8SII :frowning:

Fresh CE 9.2.5 on MiniM8sII. After copy advancedsettings.xml i can’t update database. The button responsible for updating can not even be pressed. After entering the type of source for media, it is not remembered. The main problem is the inability to refresh the library. I can see sources normally, I can run video files.

I tried the latest 20201230 night version but nothing has changed. If I just delete the advancedsettings.xml, reset the box, then I can scan the media normally but locally.

I have run out of ideas about what to do with it, especially since the rest of the equipment works fine.

How did You create the advancedsettings.xml ?
Notepad running Windows ?
May be the advancedsettings.xml must be converted to UNIX/LINUX format

File created on X96MaxPlus.
All file is ANIS and line endings UNIX (LF).
I check with notepad++

Settings -> coreelec -> network -> wait for network before starting kodi -> ON
That does the trick.

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