Advancedsettings.xml how-to

Hi All,
Whilst I am using Kodi normally on Android and Windows, I recently bought the Beelink GT-King which came withan SD card containing Kodi for CoreElec.
How can I add the advancedsettings.xml file and where since I can’t find a /.kodi/userdata directory, only .img files, SYSTEM file, etc.
Beelink starts automatically Kodi on CoreElec and when I look at the directories of the SD card from Android I can’t see the /.kodi/userdata directory.

Any help is greatly appreciated


This is the path

To see those files/directories boot CoreElec and go to Settings (cogwheel on top row) then choose “Media” icon. There first select Expert at the bottom, and then under General enable “Show hidden files and directories” and “Allow file renaming and deletion”.
After that you can use Kodi file manager to see and manipulate all files/directories in Storage partition.

Thank you for the quick answer, works like a charm.
Kodi on CoreElec is so much better and does support many more sound formats-

Have a great day and stay safe

Hi thanks for the above, I can get to this location and have saved an advancedsettings.xml file to allow extra media but this still doesn’t seem to get picked up kodi on coreelec? Has anyone got any hints on doing this’ll i really want to do is have the following added this is a copy of my file;

banner clearart clearlogo discart landscape keyart

Also I spotted the following in the Kodi log, not sure if this is relevant to the issue or just to be expected?

2020-05-10 13:08:37.552 T:4060733456 WARNING: CSettingsManager: missing version attribute
2020-05-10 13:08:37.553 T:4060733456 NOTICE: No settings file to load (special://masterprofile/advancedsettings.xml)

Seems to be the above entry which does not exist?


banner clearart clearlogo discart landscape keyart

advancedsettings.xml is an xml file and needs to formatted as such. Please see:-

hi there,

i have a strange issue with this file, if i set the buffer mode to 1 videos just won’t play anymore.
i want to buffer because some uhd with hdr sutter like hell when played from NAS source. from usb source they play just fine. that’s why i want some buffer to have more smooth playback.

i’m using the xml example from kodi wiki.
my box is a tanix tx3 mini with amlogic s905w and 2GB of ram.
hope you can give some advice

Just copy example 4 - it’ll work fine.

Maybe an issue with your TX3 Mini’s Ethernet speed being limited to 100MB ?


I’m sure thats the fault. Thats why i want to use cachê to try solve the issue…
when i activate it all videos stop working.

Google below.

Ugreen USB Ethernet USB 3.0 2.0 to RJ45 HUB for Xiao mi box 3 Android TV Set-top box adapter Ethernet network card USB Lan

I wasted a lot of time …
Solution: USB GBit adaptor

Probably the best option, and those adapters are really cheap nowadays.

that is what i’m using and videos wont play…
thanks anyway

i’ll buy some gigabit adapter and solve the issue the other way