Advice needed for Nokia 8010

A friend brought me yesterday his Nokia 8010 to install CE on it. Used CoreElec 21.0-NE with “sc2_s905x4_sei_smb_280.dtb” as explained in tutorial. Installation went OK and everything I tested in a short while worked OK, except Dolby Vision.
Dolby Vision files that I tried somehow played, but with annoying behavior:
Starting any DV video results with about 1 minute freeze and then file starts playing with stuttering and after about 5-10seconds it plays OK.
Stopping any DV video again results with one minute freeze before it returns to file selection.

This box has new Android 12 installed, and I can capture some logs tonight when I get home to shed more light on this problem. Is there something I can try with settings to resolve this annoying one minute delay?

Btw, would CE 21-NG with dovi.ko in root work on this box, or only NE version can be used?