Advice needed on Android box that plays 4K HDR 10

Hi everyone,
I currently have a Minix Neo U1 and looking for an inexpensive (>$100) box that is capable of 4K HDR10.

I am looking for something that is readily available on (links).

I am also wondering if there are any problems with easily removing the microSd card from the Minix and just popping it into a new device without the need to flash a new card.

Thanks for any advice.

Any Amlogic box sold today can do it. Except S905 and S905W.

Great! I was looking at this one on Amazon, but what device tree would I use?

Where you buy your box is up to you.
We do not advise where you shop.

Use the search function .

If you want to play high bitrate 4k over the LAN, look for a box that has gigabit ethernet or factor in a cheap usb nic.

Ok. Sorry about that. Thanks for the info. I found out what I needed. Thanks.