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Good afternoon all,

At the moment I have a Beelink MX Mini S905 box running coreelec.
I bought a 4K TV and I noticed the Beelink Mini MX box can’t handle 4K movies…
Since this box is like 4 years old I am looking for a replacement/upgrade. My requirements are; Gigabet Ethernet, 4K video support, minimal 4GB RAM, Coreelec support.

I’ve seen a lot of boxes around here, also with all the new Amlogic Socs. But I am looking for a decent upgrade. I have a few questions to decide on what box I need to buy.

  • What Amlogic Soc is best to buy at this moment? S922X, S912?
  • I’ve the Beelink GT-King S922X box around, is this a good box to buy?

X96 Air with 4/32 or 4/64 gb. It‘s S905X3 SoC is better supported than the S912. Mine plays 4k HDR without any issue. Is even 8k capable. Mentioned versions also have Gbit LAN.

The box is well build and doesn‘t cost a fortune. Paid 35€.

S922X is even better but costs multiple times of what a S905X3 box costs. DIY Odroid N2 is the best option.

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This is a question that gets asked a lot and so I would advise using the search option using the words advice or advise, where you will find many threads where this question has been discussed in detail, with many recommendations and useful information available.

I have been testing CoreELEC -ng installed to eMMC for dual boot with Android 9.0 on a TX5 Deluxe Edition with great success.

I searched the forums but I’m interested in a recent box. What boxes do you guys advice? What processor is best for 4K playback?

Here is a good read to
I use Odroid N2 with Coreelec :smile:

I have 2 Netbox a905x (one upstairs and one downstairs) units playing my 4K media, and it works fine for my use-case.
I bought mine for ~$20USD each on ebay 1.5y ago. The only downside I see is that it doesn’t have usb3.0.
I don’t plan on replacing them anytime soon. I think they are great budget units.

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