After (successfully) restoring a backup, the TV library now includes deleted series, is there any way to easily remove these?

I backed up the settings (using the CoreELEC backup) from my Minix U9-H and restored them on my new N2+, which seems to have worked just fine EXCEPT that the TV library now includes series that I had deleted from the PC serving the files with zero episodes in them.

Cleaning the video library does not seem to fix this. No share paths were changed or harmed during this activity.

Is there a quick/easy way of removing these entries other than deleting them manually from the library?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

In Kodi, make sure you uncheck Settings/Media/Videos - “show empty tv shows”.

Well that’s awkward :sweat_smile: .


Ideally better to actually clean them entirely from the lib, though, as there can be other quirks with empty shows in my experience. So bring up the context menu - Manage → Remove From Library - which should purge the show more completely.

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cheers. I was planning to give the library cleaner script/plugin a whirl anyway…

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