"Already seen" missing

In the list of videos Kodi the status “seen” is no longer indicated, even forcing from the contextual menu the indicator does not change. I searched in Kodi options and in various forums without finding a solution, what escapes me? Is this a bug? I have CoreElec 9.2.0.

What box, and what skin ?
On my boxes when a video is “seen” it gets a small “nike sign” in front of the file name.
If not “seen” there is a small filled square before the file name.
If “seen” is only a part video then there is a small circle half filled before the name.

I’ve got the same problem on my Mecool KIII and KI Pro with CE 9.2.0 with default skin of Kodi
When I watched a movie, the tick for watched is checked, OK, fine, good !
But when I switch back to main menu, then to movie list again : the tick was not here, like I never watched the movie :frowning:
No problem on 9.0.3, so, it’s a bug in 9.2.0

It must be regression in Kodi. I haven’t seen this on my devices.
Try to reproduce it in Kodi on PC.

No problem with same version of Kodi on Windows
No problem with Kodi on 9.0.3