Always-On N2 Breaks CEC

I have an always-on N2 plugged in to Denon AVR alongside Nvidia Shield and Apple TV 4K.
Since 9.2.1 (and now with 9.2.2), N2 kinda breaks my entire CEC/ARC system.

When everything is off (except N2, since it’s always On), turning on Shield will turn on my TV (2015 bravia) and AVR. But then my TV can’t “see” the AVR and all devices plugged in to it, so i can’t switch inputs using my TV remote.
I’ve tried disabling everything CEC on N2, doesn’t help. The only thing that works is by unplugging N2 hdmi cable, and everything back to normal.

Last known good version for my setup is 9.2.0. with that build, CEC works as expected.

I wonder if there’s a latest CE build (9.2.2) but with 9.2.0 CEC codes.

I have the same issues with my Yahmaha AVR, I usually a restart of Kodi fixes the issue with ARC.

I’m having exactly the same issue with a TCL Roku TV. Once the TV turns on it cannot “find” any CEC devices, so ARC breaks. Unplugging all the HDMI cables and plugging them back in fixes it, but I’d rather not do that each time.

I do not need CEC wake-up or anything else, I just want the TV to output audio over ARC for the active HDMI input. Is there a way to completely disable CEC on the N2?