Am6b+ issue when forwarding videos

Hi guys

Im very happy with my AM6B+, playing all kind of movies with dolby vision profile 7, fel…everything
The inly issue, is when watchin movies with dolby vision fel, if rewind or forward the video, it just start to have stuttering, and lypsync issues.

I have the last nightly version of coreleec, installed directly into the internal storage from the am6b+.

Does anyone knows a way to fix this issue?
Also, regarding the colometry bt2020 or rec709, doea any one knows how to check if the video is playing with one of this colometrys? Or how to set to AUTOMATIC


Which format are your DV FEL movies in? If it’s in BDMV or ISO format, the issue is known, but the developers have not had time yet to look into it.

For MKVs with single-track-dual-layer FEL video, you should be ok.

Hello Maurice,
Exactly, with BDMV movies, thats happen when forwarding/Rewinding videos, it starts to stutter, and the audio just get desynchronized with the video.

Another point when jumping chapters, I see that the problem is mitigated when you pause the video, and jump a chapter, but if the video is playing and you jump the chapter, the problem gets active again.

Yes I have the same issue. I already reported it here some time ago:

Also, @DMDreview has reported the same.

Like I said, one of the developers needs to take a look at it. Time permitting of course. And if it’s even fixable at all.

In the mean time, you can use MakeMKV to convert to a STDL MKV file and play it that way.

I hade same problem as above with Transformers uhd . Iso . Stutter /audio sync issues after chapter skip . How ever if i use java addon and change chapter with bd menu during playback there is no issue on the same file.

Hi mate Which addon please & how to change chapter skipping in bdmenu? Thanks.

Install from CE addons
More info here Full bluray and 4k uhd bluray menu support for Android

Thank you guys. Lets hope this issue is fixed.
Final question
I have an AVR that plays all types of sounds…im using earc for example, but in Kodi, theres to options:

Which one is correct for full passthrough unconpresed audio?

Or borh are the same

Thank you

You need the second one, without MULTI CH PCM.

Thank you so much Maurice.
I give you an update regarding the problem when forwarding videos.
As u know, im testing BDMV movies with menus. When I use the menu to skip to another chapter, the issue of stuttering and lypsinc problem, is gone…So, I think this issue can be solved in the future :slight_smile:

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