Amazon Prime Video

Good afternoon. I would like to know if there is any way of being able to see the content of amazon prime video spain in kodi correctly since I installed an addon and the contents of the folders of the series did not appear. Thank you

It should be possible. But you should ask your questions in the support thread of that addon, which is not from Coreelec.
I guess you installed “Amazon VOD” from this repository ?

Then this should be the place:

Hello, for me it works for germany. But only the amazon vod addon from Sandmanns repo.
HW: S905x, coreelec 9.0 and also previos vers.

There is no Prime Video in that repo, it only contains outdated Netflix addon. Any way to run Prime Video?

This is the repo for Amazon Prime
Instructions for installation found here
Kodi forum for this addon found here

You posted the same repo. There is no Prime Video there.

If you follow the link to the Kodi forum you’ll find your answers.

The PrimeVideo plugin works but there is the problem that every time you load all the pages of the movies. Graphically speaking, it is not that great as a plugin.

This plug-in works, but there is a big problem. The resolution is only supported up to 540/SD. The staff of this plugin said that they need information about the official staff of CE. Why are there restrictions under CE? Or what can be improved after setting through ISA?

Where can this thread be found? Github? Kodi forum?

Github …

I think you’re wrong and there’s a limitation caused by Amazon/Google widevine protections. But you can paste here the link where it’s said that there’s a CoreELEC limitation.

Some time ago I also used the Amazon Prime plugin but I stopped because it sucks with the layout. There were no posters. Then it had to load all pages which took several minutes every time I wanted to use it. Terrible.But it worked.