Ambilight, how to?


so I’m using CE with a Minix U9H and I would like to have ambilight with it.
I think I’m clear on the hw part but I’m confused on the software part:

I see there is the addon in CE repo, so I’ve installed it but there seems to be no configuration to do there. Should I install another addon ?
Where should I do the configuration of hyperion (# of leds, position etc.) ?

Thank you

From the doc, I need to use hyperCon to push the config to coreelec, am i right ?
But before doing this, from hyperCon, should I also install hyperion & create config ? If i already installed addon from CE repo in Kodi, I assume I don’t have to do this step, right ?

Hyperion-ng is configured through a web interface, just do a bit reading on the Hyperion forums and there are plenty of set up guides etc.

The default port is 8099 to have a look at the UI.

But i don’t see any guides on their forum for hyperion-ng, so to me it’s not that obvious :confused:
So i’ve installed hyperion-ng addon in Kodi (v9.1.100.2), then when i go to my kodi server IP:8099 -> there is nothing (no web server), do I need to install something else ?

ah I finally found the correct port for hyperion-ng on coreelec after combing thru the addon files:
the correct port is 8090

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Ok, I have another question here:

(i havent yet received my leds, but I’m already tweaking hyperion-ng)
I’ve set up the layout and # of leds i expect to have.
In Capturing Hardware tab, I’ve enable platform capture (usb capture is disabled).
I’ve selected amlogic as type and device is set to /dev/fb0
However, when I launch the live vizualition, all the leds are black (i’m playing a movie at same time).
So i think the capturing device is wrong ? What should I put ?

Thank you

Sorry on the wrong port, was posting from memory.

I just used the various setup guides and examples on the forums, I used a lightberry usb device to drive then moved over to a nodemcu for wireless driving.

A lot of the info on Hyperion was useful and just interpreted to use in the webui rather than Hypercon etc. But there was some trial and error on my part.

I am not sure platform capture shows on the live update, I have had it working with certain grabbers that did not show but did work correctly on the LED’s.

I’m no expert but took me a couple of days of reading up and messing around and got there :slight_smile:

Check this topic.
For me the port 8099 too. :wink:

I received my led kit today and plug USB cable into my minix u9h but the led does not light up :confused:

I’ve changed the LED controller output path to /dev/ttyUSB0, as it’s the only one I have in /dev/ but I’m not sure this is correct. How can I know which device should I use ? there are a lot in /dev/

Thank you