Amlogic-ng does not boot on MECOOL KII Pro (S905D)

“i change some values between dtb’s so now i have working ng image on my Mecool KII pro.” Yes base dtb is coreelec gxl_p230_k1_pro. Ethernet config and dvb-s was copied from gxl_p231_2g_dvb - That’s all, I never claimed that the DTB was made from scratch by me🙂

I only see ethernet is different to our current gxl_p230_k1_pro. There are no changes to the dvb part. So it’s possible to to add a new dtb and name it 1gbit. It’s 1gbit then I guess?

Can you try a test dtb for CE-19 Kodi Matrix when I build one?

Yes, I can - this is not a problem for me

It’s 100M

my fault, default is 1GBit, this KII pro is 100mbit only.

please use this dtb as dtb.img and test if LAN & DVB is working, thx.

gxl_p230_k1_pro_100mbit.dtb (55.2 KB)

Maybe you are also able to dump the Android dtb?
dd if=/dev/dtb | gzip > /storage/downloads/dtb.img.gz

In our database it’s written gxl_p231_2g_dvb should be used. This will be this dtb for a test, thx:
gxl_p231_2g_dvb_100mbit.dtb (52.6 KB)

I tested both

  • gxl_p231_2g_dvb_100mbit.dtb = Black screen after MECOOL logo, same problem as I originally reported with gxl_p231_2g_dvb.dtb
  • gxl_p230_k1_pro_100mbit.dtb = Both DVB and LAN working

Thx, can you make a dtb dump like describe above?

I do not have an android, I have coreelec installed in the internal memory.

Does extracting the “android dtb” work with dd from /dev/dtb while running CoreELEC from sd?

Yes, just run the cmd

Here it is.

dtb.img.gz (12.6 KB)

With next CE-19 nightly there should be a new dtb gxl_p230_k2_pro_100mbit included.


I tested too, and i have same results.

Hey everyone…do you need android in internal flash, to upgrade from a legacy to a ng build?

I have 9.2.6 legacy in the internal flash (I know it’s not supported so my apologies for the noise but had it without any issue since 9.0 came out) and whatever dtb file I try, my KII Pro just bootloops. It shows the S905 bootloader logo for a second and just restarts. Pressing and holding the recovery or the power button seems not to do anything. Even without any button pressed, just the presence of an sdcard with an ng build, seems to trigger this behaviour. Using the same sdcard to boot a fresh legacy 9.2.6 installation works fine, so I take it that box and sdcard are OK.

Any ideas before I go and make a cable for myself to flash android back?

Do you have the 905D Version of this Box?

If you have the 905 Version, you cannot use the -ng version.

Ahhh wasn’t aware there were variants of the KII Pro. Looks I have a non-compatabile version as shown below

$ cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep model
model name	: Amlogic S905H rev c

I guess time for an upgrade then :slight_smile:

Thanks :bowing_man:

I had the same issue with gxl_p231_2g on a Vero 4K+, I had to add to the DTS and recompile (and then a few more device specific tweaks):

#include "gxl_p231_2g.dts"

        ion_dev {
                memory-region = <&ion_reserved>;

        reserved-memory {
                ion_reserved: linux,ion-dev {
                        alignment = <0x0 0x400000>;
                        compatible = "shared-dma-pool";
                        size = <0x0 0x7c00000>;

not sure if this is a miss, or something is not quite right. But with this and the few other tweaks for Vero 4K+ it is running perfectly via SD card.

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