Amlogic-ng install with existing installtointernal

Hi all,

Firstly I understand that the old installtointernal method is unsupported by the developers, that’s fine. I’d just like to try and clear up some confusion on my part about the process to update. I’ve tried searching but I’m using quite broad search terms so apologies if this has been covered.

I have a Mecool K1 Pro (S905D) happily running on the old 3.14 kernel. It is installed to the internal storage and has been since way back in the LibreElec days. I’d like to check that my understanding of the following is correct.

  1. To use the amlogic-ng version I should burn the new image to an sd card and power on the box while holding reset, as for the original install. This should then boot from the sd card. After doing this however I will no longer be able to boot the old internal version as something in the boot process is changed. However it should keep booting the new version from the sd card with no other action?

  2. Could I potentially in the future use the ceemmc tool to install the amlogic-ng version to the internal storage without needing to restore android first (as single boot of course)? I understand that ceemmc is unsupported for my device, but in principle is this correct?

  3. I’m sorry to ask this, but is there a summary I could be pointed at showing the advantages of amlogic-ng? I did look, but couldn’t spot what I was after.

Thanks very much, and thanks for all the hard work on CoreElec.

NG builds have the advantage that your device will still be supported with CoreELEC 10. Old 3.14 Kernels will probably not be supported then.

But currently gxl on Amlogic-ng is highly experimental. Good working device is the Lepotato.
So I don’t see a reason for you to update.

Thanks, sounds sensible then to hold on for the time being and see what the situation is when CoreElec 10 comes around. Do you happen to know if my surmise was correct for points 1 and 2 above, as and when it might make sense to update?

I would recommend making a backuo and restoring original Android on internal. Then use a SD card to load NG build.

But as you said you are happy with your current system, why change it and have issues.

Thanks. I was curious mainly, but don’t intend to change it now - possibly just if/when needed for CoreElec 10.

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