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Yes, I know. I think this “issue” is caused on different SoC. It works on T7 but not on g12b.

We bought the TBS5930 for a friend and it recognised the CE drivers, but when we go to scan or watch channels, our CE device reboots.TBS5930 is fed externally and the same fault occurs again.
Can this be solved?

Tested with Beelink GT King Pro and GT King II

Same issue with NE and NO?

I tested it with NO, I’ll test it with NE and Nexus a little later.

I have now tested with CE Nexus and CE NE and the result is the same

Try this image

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Thanks @smp, tested with motorised and central aerial system. Everything seems to be in order.

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thanks, hopefully it will be included in the next updates.
TBS5530 also works with this software does not work with other software

The graphic is broken when i wakeup my device after a couple of hours suspend.
I use the remote and reboot it then. When i click on the remote, there is a delay for about 3 seconds and the screen is flickering then. After the reboot, all is back to normal.

The thing I noticed testing -no is that playback may delay or just stop in the middle of playing.
It may or may not catch-up after some delay.
Sometimes I have to completely reset to restore functionality. Hooked up aside from dayly drivers for testing now…
This is on odroid C4 with local media

Thanks, with today’s update TBS5530 and 5930 are working.


Hello, I wonder which is the Ce version and image that works for Tbs 5930?

Try latest nightly of -no

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Nightly-no 02092024 A95X F2 s905x2 4gb Boot Loop

Incorrect dtb??

We know this issue and it doesn’t happen with all µSD on all devices.
So meantime until it’s fixed try to use USB media or another type/brand/size of µSD.

g12a is might buggy in old 5.15 kernel. We are currently try to bring new 5.15.119 kernel to nightly where much changes did happen to S905X2 soc.

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Looks like Omega has entered in frozen state - no more development: Kodi Omega 21.0 RC1 - things should be more stable from now on?