Amlogic Open Source Video Decoder Driver Coming Soon

I’m reposting the article from here:

"Allwinner processors aren’t the only ones getting an [open source hardware video decoding / encoding support in Linux, as Maxim Jourdan recently [submitted a patchset]to Amlogic Linux mailing list adding a video decoder driver to some Amlogic processors.

The driver is written around the V4L2 M2M framework and currently supports MPEG 1/2/4, H.263, H.264, MJPEG, and (partially) HEVC 8-bit codecs. The driver has been tested with FFmpeg, GStreamer, and Kodi, and currently works on S905 (Meson GXBB), S905X/W/D (Meson GXL), and S912 (Meson GXM) processors.

Those processors also support HEVC 10-bit, VP9, and VC1 codecs, and while those are implemented yet, they should be in the future.

A [separate commit]adds support for “Overlay plane for video rendering” which support various YUV layouts and a non-alpha RGB32 layout, and will be useful for Kodi and LibreELEC ports.

I came to learn about those two patchsets thanks to [Neil Armtrong (Bay Libre)]who also mentioned he will talk about Amlogic open source video decoder and Kodi/LibreELEC ports during a session at [Embedded Recipes 2018]taking place on September 24-25 in Paris, France."


Someone in the comments posted a link ot the github of the author :

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deleted incorrect content

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but this is for Allwinner, not Amlogic.Or am I missing something?

You are right … apologies for posting incorrect link :frowning:

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