Amlogic S905 Wifi

So this is embarassing.

I have a generic Amlogic S905 box that I internally installed Coreelec (CE from now onwards) on many months ago and I used it very happily ever since.

I’m in the process of moving A/V equipment around but the room I’m moving the CE box into doesn’t have access to a network connection. No big deal I thought, I’ll just use wifi.

For the life of me, I cannot find anywhere at all with the CE settings that allows me to use wifi. I assumed, probably wrongly, I’d see a list of SSID’s somewhere and, well you know the rest, but I just cannot see any reference to using Wifi whatsoever.

Am I just failing to look in the right place?


Now I feel like a right idiot.

I looked, looked some more and looked again. “There is no Corelec section in Settings”

Then it dawned on me… I was using a different skin :blush:

Back to the default skin and bingo… Coreelec section appeared under settings and I can now connect to wifi.

Sorry for being an idiot!

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