Amlogic S905X4

What about this?

Exemplary specs (excerpted):

● Quad Core 64-bit CPU
● 4Kp60 10-bit H.265; 4Kp60 VP9 Profile2 Decoding
● HDMI 2.1, CEC, HDCP2.2
● Streaming Protocol: RTCP, RTMP, RTP, RTSP,UDP, HTTP, DASH, HLS, Smooth streaming
● DRM: Widevine, Playready; Verimatrix Optional
● Air Remote: Can using the android and iOS mobile phone to control


Anyone has a “roadmap” chart, as in the good old days for S805 -> S912 SoCs?
What do you think about S905X4 and further?

This is the roadmap for the next generation of AML SOC’s and the DV8919 was also discussed here.

We have to wait and see just how much of an improvement the X4 will yield.

S905X4 is still a ways off.

Don’t let seeing advertising from oem manufactures and design houses fool you. They are not advertising to end users but to companies who might want to develop a product based on the S905X4 but don’t have the design experience or manufacturing capability to do so. So it makes sense that they start advertising really early, usually before Amlogic even starts sampling the new SOC, because they are trying to get the attention of companies that want to launch a product 6 month to a year from now. So this is not really anything to get excited about. Most of these same companies had pages up advertising the S905X3 18 months ago as well, and we all know when S905X3 devices actually started getting sold.

The S905X4 will also only be yet another minor update. Just like the S905X3 was only a minor update over the S905X2.

The reality was there was only a marginal performance jump from X2 to X3 , with the main change been the addition of more decoders.
It’s very likely that x4 will similarly be the same basic chip with the addition of the vp9 decoder.

As such nothing to get excited about and not worth the upgrade.