Amlogic S905X4

You can order the H96 MAX X4 for just £30.24/$39.95 delivered:

This uses the amlogic s905x4 and even the cheapest 2GB ram/16GB rom version supports gigabit ethernet which is great news.

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But no support in CE so buyer beware if this is your intended end use.


:frowning: Would be great if it was supported since it is so cheap. Far cheaper than those SBC boards like odroid etc.

It will probably get supported in a few months time, but there are no guarantees. Also the step up in performance from the S905x3 will mainly be in added codecs.


As I posted in another thread

Once we are able to support devices that contain an S905X4 SoC we will make a post about it, and make it clear as to which specific devices have been tested and are known to work with CoreELEC

The developers get excited about new devices too, and are looking forward to getting our hands on the new devices, and adding support for them when we can. So we will definitely be letting the users know when this happens.

However until that point in time that we make an announcement about supporting these devices, try to be patient (maybe watch a few more reviews, bonus points if you can find a review that actually makes a point of actually making an intentional demonstrating the new features, or that doesn’t make any gross errors. :grinning: )

We will try our best at supporting what we can, however it’s best to assume that new stuff is not supported, and may not be supported until we make a post stating otherwise. We would hate to see anybody spend their money on a device assuming it will eventually be supported, to only find out later that the manufacture had done something that prevented anything but the android that came on it from working on the device, or for example source code for an important driver such as for the WiFi/BT chip are just not available.


Be careful, if you are going to buy this box then be ready to receive good fake box with S905x3 CPU.

did you receive a fake box?

Not me but person whom I know.

mecool KM6 deluxe uses the AP6275S chip (Wifi 6 + Bluetooth 5.0), source:

Unless I’m saying something stupid, there are some Google certified Android TV boxes with DRM L1 that are able to start CoreELEC like the Mecool KM9 Pro, KM3 or the Magenta TV Stick which even has a Netflix certification.

If CoreElec can be installed on this Stick/Box, then it’s the only one of a kind that I know of…
Problem with it is only one Micro USB port, and most important, it can only be obtained in Germany; since it’s tied to Deutsche Telekom Magenta program, they don’t send it abroad. (When I last looked I could not buy it from my country :frowning:

Edit: just checked and found one store that sends it to my country for a total of 85 Euro; compared to a similar Amazon TV 4K stick that I got for 30$ (25 Euro) it’s not a deal for me.

Just ordered a A95X F4 Amlogic S905X4 box.
Let’s find out how this works :smiley:

LAN: 100M Ethernet ?

I like better the marketing : FAST ETHERNET! :rofl:

bought a TV box.X96Max+.CPUZ Showed to be s905x4 . I try Coreelec All files cannot be used.Please develop for s905x4.Thank you.

There aren’t any S905X4 owned by team members. So no support in the meantime.

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Thank you .I will wait for the file support.I bought it because I thought it would be s905x3 .I can use it like X96Air.

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Yes, it says: 10/100MEthernet,2.4 & 5G Dual Wifi

Should be enough, requirement for streaming is: 4K Ultra HD — 25Mbps :smiley:
Worth a try at € 44

4K Ultra HD — 25Mbps that’s for Netflix or Amazon Prime Video (dedicated apps) - and I remember 4k streaming on those platforms its still a dream on Kodi and jEOS like Coreelec.
4k rips need gigabit lan, maybe mounting NFS shares to go along with so much bitrate.

It is going to be some of an experiment then. :smiley:
Maybe my older Synology DS412Play NAS will be the bottleneck

If it won’t work, Maybe I am going to donate the box to the CoreElec team for developing a CoreElec build based on the S905X4 :smiley:

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