Amlogic S905X5

S905X5 adds support for VVC a.k.a h266 hardware decoding. It uses the G310 gpu and unknown newer cpu core(s) than the A55 cores used in the S905X4.

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Hm, armv9? Vapourware until 2024, big chance!

Sounds a good fit for an odroid c5 though…

Anybody knows if it supports AV1 or VVC hardware encoding? It would be nice to have it in a TVheadend server.

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They are guessing 4xA510 cores which are comparable in performance to the A73’s. So we might expect a SOC with similar performance to the s922x (4xA73+2xA53). It might actually be a better SOC than the s928x.

CNX Software writes:
" * CPU – Quad-core Armv9 CPU (likely Cortex-A510 cores) delivering 40K+ DMIPS"

But the DMIPS benchmark is single-threaded, is it common practice to multiply it by number of cores?
I think, on one core, it should have 10K DMIPS. This would be the speed of raspberry pi4@2GHz.

I’ve seen the s928x listed as 36K DMIPS. And the s922x with 43K DMIPS and A311D2 with 62K DMIPS.

Yeah adding up the cores can be misleading in terms of real-world performance since all these SOCs have different numbers of cores.

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