Amlogic S928X

Support will be available when ready.

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Have you issue with the Coreelec, in your homatics box?

Judging by the video I just watched, tv-led Dolby Vision still not fixed. Under the color settings YCbCr422 12bit is recommended for Dolby Vision. USPS lost my box so I’m debating whether or not to order another.

s928x needs a linux system from Amlogic to develop the CoreELEC system, because it needs to be developed through linux sdk. At present, the chip of s928x is a new model, so it is necessary to apply for linux firmware from am8.

Hello, may I ask when Ugoos AM8 can use CoreELEC system? @Portisch

When we get a working for Valhall GPU we can continue work on this SoC.
We only can wait for help as this lib is a closed source blob.


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Enable OpenCL

Once kernel driver and user-space libraries are installed, you can enable OpenCL support with:

echo "" | sudo tee /etc/OpenCL/vendors/mali.icd

And check it is found with:

sudo clinfo

Ugoos am8:

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blueyeti2023, please stop making useless posts.

Does anyone know if there is a uk power adapter available for this new box rather than the 2 pin that is shipped with it?

Well obviously there are UK ‘adapters’ available and I’m guessing that’s what they will supply if you click a UK plug option. As presumably they only come with :electric_plug: attached.

Love the Heatsink on the AM8.

But I’m guessing you can buy a different power supply with a proper UK plug attached. What’s the power requirement of the AM8 etc

Yes the uk plug they send are 2 pin with a 3 pin adapter supplied. Power Supply is TYPE-C 12V/1.67A DC. Size. 11.6x11.6x2.8CM.

Can this help?

No, we have this already as it’s public source:

It’s all about ‘’ what is only available as compiled binary without source.
But it’s compiled with wrong config items set so it does not work “yet” with fbdev backend.

Maybe an alternative route of reverse engineering it might help (ghidra or some other tool)?

You can not reverse engineer what does even not exist in binary…

:frowning: You guys tried to contact them and no response yet or there is some communication progress?

Fel is not supported, Dovi bdmv iso is not supported, and I refuse to buy 928xj.

Who is forcing you :slight_smile:

Well I made that mistake :slight_smile:. Should have gotten something legacy that’s supported and get something new in about 2-3 years…

FEL will never be supported.