Amlogic S928X

It is sold as a PCB card


Tencent Aurora Box 5x


I saw this earlier and it certainly looks interesting and future proof. Something like this would likely be my next purchase.

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Khadas S928X soon.
Maybe finally CE in real 4K :eyes::grimacing::fire:

Upon release, A311D2 was 90% in tune with today’s GPU needs (UHD, Modern Skin, etc.). The improvements have been a real leap forward in allowing extensive customization of Kodi on CE, without having to switch to power-hungry systems. Although the ergonomics have been improved, it remains perfectible, in particular because of a Framerate which remains slightly unstable. This S928X should be suitable beyond the necessary +140%, and therefore meet the needs in a sustainable way, more than that had been achieved with a low-power chip. I think it would be a very profitable investment over a long period of time. This is, in my opinion, excellent news. There remains the price however…

There is enough things on a plate right now and we don’t need yet another device to support.

how is HBR audio looking on the new devices now as no atmos etc is stoping me upgrading

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I’ve just noted that there’s a few S928X-J dropping onto the market.

Is there a good chance that the previous instruction sets (or whatever) that made the two S922X-J capable of Dolby Vision possible will mean that a version of CE for the S928X-J chipped boxes a slightly easier proposition?

On this, there should be no issue with HBR audio on the current S922X or S922X-J boxes. I’ve been OK (I think) on my old Odroid N2+ with that.

Still need to test the UGOOS AM6B + for that AND Dolby Vision, though!

Ugoos AM8

Ugoos Brand AM8 Plus with 4Gb LPDDR 4 & 32Gb Storage. Android 11.0 Amlogic S928X-J Smart TV Box is available for pre-order.

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Surprised ive not seen a mention of the new ugoos am8 amlogic S928x,been waiting for ever to upgrade my N2,jst wish it had a M.2,but this is my next box for coreelec

This has also been released,gonna retail for $99,so 50 bucks cheaper than homatics

Boxy is locked. Can’t boot CE.

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Magisk application installed as in AM7

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The ugoos am8 is up for order and thìnkin of ordering it today but cause its a new soc S928x when will support be added,no point in ordering right now if I can’t install coreelec

Buy 2 and send one to developers.
This way you might get it sometime if ever :grinning:

Thanx Peter! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Haven’t spotted this earlier :wink:

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Dolby Vision support?

No L1 DRM or PlayReady support, I’m disappointed…

Yet the Ugoos X4Q had L1 support.

I don’t understand why Ugoos rarely adds this support … nobody cares?

Let’s hope for a s928x From.a serious brand like SEI

UGOOS AM8 AMLOGIC S928X presented for sale.

Jst found thiz box s928x only £99 so alot cheaper than the ugoos


SOC is S928X - NOT S928X-J this means no Dolby licenses included, so it’ll never get Dolby Vision support. Rest of the specs are missing too, so hard to say anything besides that. I’m currently using X96 Max Plus box and troubles with overheating are too much of a headache. I have preordered the Ugoos because of the big heatsink that you can see on their photos, just to save myself trouble in the future. I don’t trust X96 devices at all in terms of heat management.

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