Amlogic VNC addon. Image gets scrambled when TV is off

VNC addon works great, but when the TV is off, the image gets scrambled like in the attached picture, I have tried with CE 9.2.7 in two different boxes.
Anyone knows the reason and a fix?
Maybe I need to play with CEC settings? I needed to change CEC settings, because when I turned the TV off, the default behaviour is to suspend CE, and I didn’t want that in one of my boxes with the docker plugin and a web server.

When you say this happens when the TV is OFF, do you mean you start CE with the TV ON and then when you turn OFF the TV the image is scrambled.

Or, when you start CE with the TV OFF you have the issue when you VNC to CE.

My solution is inside /storage/.config/

sleep 20s

pkill -f aml-vnc


It maybe works if you dump disp_cap once with the TV powered. Just use the search function

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same problem for me don’t work for me.

I apologize, I did not say everything, I am using that in

sleep 20s
fw_setenv hdmimode 1080i50hz
fw_setenv outputmode 1080i50hz
echo 1080i50hz > /storage/.kodi/userdata/disp_cap
pkill -f aml-vnc


works well with TV connected or disconnected.

don’t work for me

You’re right, it took me a little time to see what happened. My conclusions are as follows:

  • when I use 1080i50hz in everything works perfect
  • when I use 720p50hz in it doesn’t work well
  • I don’t use other resolutions, try it yourself

You’re lucky as all I am getting is a static image and cannot remote control at all…

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