Amlogic X96 S905X show 3 CPU's only

I just flashed CoreELEC-S905.arm-8.95.6-S905.img with dtb gxl_p212_2g to my new S905x unit and Kodi is reporting 3 cores (0-2)only. LibreElec Kodi on the same box reports 4 cores.

CoreElec Kodi on my S912 box reports 8 cores (0-7)

Not sure what’s going on.


strange… what does cat /proc/cpuinfo report?
I also have a 4 core gxl_p212_2g s905X and it shows #0 to #3 on System Info

I have a X96 S905X . I see #0,1,2,3 in both System Info and via cpuinfo.

Ok I reinstalled it all and is fine now. My bad.

Maybe you’ll get an additional core with each new install?