Amremote (remote.conf) option

Please add an option to select amremote (remote.conf) instead of ir-keytable.
One reason: amremote is snappy, ir-keytable is laggy.

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It’s been said before. . .

Take a little time to research how you can tweak the present system.

I tried all of the tweaks, but unfortunately it was not as good as the old system.

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I think you’re gonna have to move on and embrace the future, like the rest of us :wink:

It is always hard to accept a new something that is not as good as the previous one.
As a programmer it is even harder.


That’s debatable depending on your point of view.

You can now use ANY remote with your device, that’s an improvement, not a regression.

We have had this debate within the team before, I was for amremote but the rest of the team was for meson-ir and I don’t see their position on this changing.

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I don’t want to arguing because I’m still using LE7 but this meson-ir makes the whole user experience too bad.
It gives a “cheap chinese box” feeling…
If I have to choose between using ANY remote with laggy behaviour or using only two remote but instant response then I would choose the second option.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not demanding anything (I can use my usb remote or my LG remote with CEC too) but I see a lot of people complaining about it and cannot say them that CE is better in this way because it isn’t.

@Pelican debating is healthy :slight_smile:

If your still using LE7 then obviously this isn’t an issue for you :wink: but most of the devices in use with CoreELEC are indeed ‘cheap chinese boxes’ as you put it, you have the option of buying an RF remote which would give you an even better experience than amremote or even your TV remote if your set is CEC compatible, your not stuck using the ‘cheap chinese box’ remote.

If we changed it in the next release then over 2000 boxes would boot up on the next reboot with no IR and the complaints from that would far exceed just the handful of people who still complain about the change now, we have a responsibility to ensure that our updates do not break anything (if possible), it would just cause mayhem and confuse people if we made the change again.

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A selectable option between old and new behavior is not possible?

Unfortunately not

And do you know what cause the different behavior?
Why the meson-ir so unpredictable, with random slow downs and speed ups?
Is there any chance to improve it?

If we changed it in the next release then over 2000 boxes would boot up on the next reboot with no IR
I can imagine a scenario with built-in remote configs and a choosing mechanism based on the incoming remote codes (when cannot get it from android or cannot find it at the root of the cards). Most of the boxes worked out-of-the-box with amremote.

That’s an issue for another thread.