Analog audio issue

Running the 09-19 nightly.
I’m using the analog output to an old receiver and the analog PCM setting in system.

When CE start after reboot and I try to play a video, the audio from the receiver is accompanied by a loud hissing sound (with very faint actual audio from the video file) from the LG tv speakers.
To get rid of it, it appears I need to go to audio settings on system settings, change the audio output device from Analog to HDMI and then back to Analog. Then the hissing is gone.

Another thing, there is a loud clipping noise when CE starts after a reboot.

Now on Nightly 09-23. Still same symptom.
Didn’t expect it to be fixed on the update. Just reporting.

I hope someone can look into it. It’s similar issue to another recent post.
I’ve let CE update all the nightlies hoping one will get to it (though it’s not on the changelog).
Switching to hdmi and back to analog fixes the issue. But would be nice to not have to do it after every reboot :slight_smile: