Android Box Options For 4k HDR, ATMOS AND DTS X from HDD

Hello everyone,

I’m new here I would like to ask your help with choosing the appropriate tv box for my setup

I have a samsung 7100 (capable of 4K HDR)
and a Pioneer YTP-076 ( Atmos and its dts X compatible)
I will play movies on my external HDD

I am searching for a tv box that will be able to play 4K HDR with passthrough via HDMI of DTS X and ATMOS with a stable version of CE budget around $75

Can someone point me toward the right post please

im a bit lost with all the specs

Thanks for your help

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If you want something supported and reliable I would look at the Khadas VIM3L.
You can’t brick this box and should give you all the options you are looking for.
You can use passthrough for the audio and the box will output HDR10 using the nightly builds.

I only own the odroid N2 4go CE edition with 16go eMMC and it play great, with passtrough, DTS X & Atmos to my AVR Onkyo 646, the 4K HDR run well but not the conversion to SDR (my case, for moment :wink: ). Take a look on the support here also. I buy a minix A2 lite remote to power on/off via RF and use 2.4ghz to the rest of the key. So the total budget is more around 150$ here in Europe. A detail, I regret a much designed case but I will DIY soon because there is no offer yet :(. I admit, if I knew the existence of the Khadas VIM3 (not L), I will hesitate :wink: