Android OTT TV Box. Model: CSA93

Good Day,

I would like to know what OS Version i need to install on this box please.


If I’m wright, it’s a box with Amlogic S912, so for the moment you will stick with CE 9.2.8 (legacy) Kodi Leia. If you want to try Kodi Matrix or Nexus, you should start to look for another OSes.

CSA93 is SoC S912, which is legacy. Unfortunately our legacy support has ended December 31 2021. The final legacy version is CoreELEC 9.2.8.

Thanks both. I do have an RPI2 but it is not working so well i am trying my S912 to see if this will replace the RPI2

If not then what should i get.

What is the correct DTB File to use for this device please.

For unlisted devices, try all of the dtb matching the device hardware configuration to find one that might work with the device.

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